Release 21.03.1


Starting with this release, the database extension pg_trgm is required. So if you update from an earlier version than 21.03 and have not sufficient access permissions to create this extension from suSSHi Chef acting as the database client, create the database extension with a user with sufficient access on the database by CREATE EXTENSION pg_trgm;.

New Features

  • New Target Authentication Features for password / keyboard-interactive based authentication:

    • User Dialog (default, same behaviour as today)

    • Dynamic One Time Password (DOTP)

    • Static Password

    • Preserve Password


  • Updated container base image to Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and underlying software.

  • Image size decreased by round about 25%.

  • Better indexing algorithm for System Events for larger installations.

  • Update API manual and Postman collection.

  • API: On 401 unauthorized, include WWW-Authenticate header for non-preemptive Basic-Auth.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix issue where gateways could not get triggered for config reload, if one gateway in list throws error.

  • Fix issue where the deletion of a partition could fail.

  • Fix issue with browser title showing quote signs / ticks incorrectly.

  • Fix issue with crontab under unprivileged user susshi, which could lead into not running garbage collection tasks.

  • Fix issue where list of shown Host keys for Network Targets and Network Domains might have been incorrect.

  • Fix UI Navigation issue when menu is in collapsed mode.

  • Fix issue with User-TargetHostKeys recorded under SwiftNetworkHosts, but SwiftTarget exists as well for same target.

  • Fix issue with cached, but wrong proxy names in dual list selector for targets.

  • Fix UI display issue for targets containing ‘ - ‘ in name.

  • Fix issue where proxy could not be deleted if there are still dynamic learned objects attached.

  • Fix issue with warning message not showing up on Target Scan Network dialog.