Release 21.10

New Features

  • Implementation of usage statistics for Gateway users, Access rules and Bastion rules


  • Updated middleware (Rails 6 and Ruby 2.7) to latest versions

Bug Fixes

  • Fix issue with API where objects with relations could be created incorrectly with wrong mandatory parameters.

  • Fix issue with target IPs when a trailing space was included in ip address.

  • Fix issue with wrong API documentation: Health operations call on gateway will return running, not reachable when up and running.

  • Fix wrong letter C into Z for compression flag in reports view.

  • Fix issue when creating a new bastion policy could have been rejected.

  • Fix issue where license details differ between API and UI.

  • Fix issue with missing information on bastion profile’s detail view.

  • Fix issue with dashboard statistics showing weird dent in the current UTC time range.

  • Fix issue with built-in db backup method (please refer to the Backup & Restore section).