Release 20.08.2


Please note, that this release requires suSSHi Chef 19.08 or newer.


  • Add log message to session log about max log filesize in case of exec logging.

  • Try to fix permissions for unprivileged user on startup, if the mapped volumes have wrong permissions to improve user experience.

  • Add new error message (Code 4013) when client does not responds with no identities from SSH agent.

  • Improved stability of system event daemon by switching from GNUTLS to OpenSSL.

  • Use list of preferred host key algorithms also when scanning hosts (Release 20.08.1).

Bug Fixes

  • When a client used the SSH keepalive function, the idle timer was erroneously updated even when otherwise inactive.

  • ExecLogStopPatterns did not work as expected, if set in suSSHi Chef configuration.

  • When a large number of parallel SSH channels are open at the same time (e.g. when using the ssh socks proxy mode), a channel close or open confirm message could be misinterpreted.

  • Fixed an error where system event daemon was not started properly on container restart.

  • Fixed an error where stopping or restarting the container could case segmentation faults messages on Docker host (seen in dmesg).

  • Fixed a very rare issue where, under certain circumstances, the impolite disconnect of a client or target was not detected and the worker process still continued.

  • Fixed an issue with dynamic port allocation on remote port forwarding when used together with non-dynamic port forwarding in same session (Release 20.08.2).