Release 21.03


Please note, that this release requires suSSHi Chef 20.08 or newer.

New Features

  • New Target Authentication Features for password / keyboard-interactive based authentication:

    • User Dialog (default, same behaviour as today)

    • Dynamic One Time Password (DOTP)

    • Static Password

    • Preserve Password


  • Updated container base image (Ubuntu 20.04 LTS) and underlying software.

  • Image size decreased by more than 15%.

  • Include additional info line in session log containing user, client and target information.

  • Deny login attempt with only user given (reserved for suSSHi Gateway Bastion mode) immediately, without asking suSSHi Chef. This will further improve DOS protection.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix issue with X11 sessions not working with MobaXterm / PuTTy caused by PuTTy window-size tuning

  • Fix issue with X11 sessions not correctly forwarded in Public Key Agent Authentication mode.