4.6.1. Source IP Objects

Source IP objects are used to define networks or individual hosts from which users can access and for which the individual access rule applies in which these objects are used. There are already two predefined objects that cannot be changed and represent the entire IPv4 or IPv6 address space. These are combined in a group “Any”, which can be changed.

../../_images/list3.png Network Objects

With the network objects, IPv4 and IPv6 networks can be defined in the form of a CIDR notation or individual hosts. The objects can also be assigned to one or more groups in the creation step.

Mandatory information is a name for the network object and an IP address in CIDR notation. Optionally, a description can be added as well.

../../_images/new_net.png Group Objects

Group objects are used - as the name suggests - to group individual objects so that this group can later be used in an access rule. Please note that group objects cannot be nested within other group objects. Mandatory information is a name for the group object. Optionally, a description can be added.